Wikipedia on Polyamory and Non-Monogamy

If you think too that love shouldn't be limited to a single partner, just like you don't love exclusively one child or one friend, join non-monogamy and see if someone in your area shares your views!

- Testimonials -

"We have a very open relationship with another couple, we could then call ourselves practicing polyamorists, seems the right platform to find new partners"
Matt & Dorothy - Ottawa, Ontario Canada

"The majority of our friends got married and then separated. After 6 years living together we began to have a few problems, not so much the love for one another which has always been there, but more than anything that feeling we will live the same things day in day out, polyamory has then become the easiest step in our situation" V. & D. - Orlando, Florida USA

"I’m a very physical woman, I love to share feelings and emotions, my husband was very reluctant at first, but then got round to the idea and I finally convinced him to join, we’ve never stopped using it ever since" Tania - Brighton, E Sussex UK

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